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Question;1. Much has been made about the overall intelligence of criminal offenders in general, and violentoffenders in particular. There is an assumption that violent offenders are inherently less intelligent thannon-violent offenders. To test this idea, data were collected from two separate groups of offenders(violent offenders and property offenders). Intelligence scores were obtained for every offender in thetwo samples.Please submit your solution (step-by-step calculations), and the conclusion here. Descriptive Statisticsappear below:Property Offenders - Average IQ = 96, sd = 8.5, n=225Violent Offenders - Average IQ = 88, sd = 7.5, n=200Use t to test the following set of hypotheses at the 95% level of confidence:Ha: Violent offenders are less intelligent than property offendersHo: Violent offenders and property offenders do not differ significantly with regard to intelligence scores


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