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STATS - Cough-a-Lot children?s cough syrup




Question;Cough-a-Lot children?s cough syrup is supposed to contain 6 ounces of medicine per bottle. However since the filling machine is not always precise, there can be variation from bottle to bottle. The amounts in the bottles are normally distributed with? = 0.3 ounces. A quality assurance inspector measures 10 bottles and finds the following (in ounces):5.95 6.10 5.98 6.01 6.25 5.85 5.91 6.05 5.88 5.91Are the results enough evidence to conclude that the bottles are not filled adequately at the labeled amount of 6 ounces per bottle?b. Calculate the test statistic.c. Find the P-value.d. What is the conclusion?


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