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STATS Five Problems Assignment




Question;1) The weights of the fish in a certain lake are normally distributed with a mean of 20 lb and a standarddeviation of 6. If 9 fish are randomly selected, what is the likelihood that the mean weight will bebetween 17.6 and 21.6 lb?2) A bank?s loan officer rates applicants for credit. The ratings are normally distributed with a mean of 200and a standard deviation of 50. If an applicant is randomly selected, find the probability of a rating thatis between 225 and 275.3) The lifetimes of projector bulbs of a particular type are normally distributed with a mean of 470 hoursand a standard deviation of 15 hours. What percentage of the bulbs has lifetimes that lie within 2standard deviations of the mean on either side? Apply the 68-95-99.7 Rule this question.4) The annual precipitation for one city is normally distributed with a mean of 28 inches and a standarddeviation of 3.4 inches. Fill in the blanks. In 95% of the years, the precipitation in this city is between__________ and __________ inches. Apply the 68-95-99.7 rule to this question.5) The systolic blood pressures of the patients at a hospital are normally distributed with a mean of 136mm Hg and a standard deviation of 12 mm Hg. Find the two blood pressures having these properties:the mean is midway between them and 76.98% of all blood pressures are between them.


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