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Green M&M?s: Consider a class of 20 statistics students




Question;Green M&M?s: Consider a class of 20 statistics students, where each student is given 5 small bags of M&M?s and asked to count the number of green M&M?s. The results are shown below. The population mean is for a bag of this size is 10.06 and the population standard deviation is 2.59. Student 1347614Student 212141883Student 3121881311Student 418127118Student 517189142Student 631014913Student 731211915Student 86231811Student 981612173Student 10141311175Student 11314171715Student 127141172Student 13172121813Student 1491881110Student 1514164312Student 164371114Student 1711176513Student 18158171110Student 1949131616Student 20121251416Answer the following questions:a. Find the sample means for each student?s green M&M count.b. Create a histogram of the sample means, and calculate the mean and standard deviation of the sample means. To constuct a histogram, follow the given steps:1. Obtain a frequency (relative-frequency, percent) distribution of the data.2. Draw a horizontal axis on which to place the bars and a vertical axis on which to display the frequencies (relative-frequency, percent).3. For each class, construct a vertical bar whose height equals the frequency (relative-freqency, percent) of that class4. Label the bars with the classes, the horizontal axis with the name of the variable, and the vertical axis with "Frequency" ("Relative frequency," "Percent")c. Theoretically, what are the mean, standard deviation, and distribution of all possible sample means for a sample of 5?


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