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Simple Regression Analysis Assignment




Question;1.Please base your responses based on the SPSS computer printouts. Assume statistical differences exist if the alpha level is <.05.The following questions relate to a data set for high school students. The data responses provided by 2,800 high school students were obtained through random sampling techniques. The data file here represents a subsample from this larger data set.1 What are you able to decide regarding the relationship between math overall score and the number of math courses taken?a. Is there a statistically significant relationship?_______b. What is the magnitude of the relationship? _______c. What is the direction of the relationship?__________2. Consider math overall score as being the dependent (criterion) variable and number of math courses taken as the independent (predictor) variable.a. What is the scale of measurement for the dependent variable? _______b. What is the scale of the measurement for the independent variable? ______c. Without the use of the regression analysis what would be your "best guess" what value an individual would have for math achievement?3. Is the regression model a statistically significant model?4. What is the hypothesis being tested by the information in the analysis of variance block (F and sig.)?5. What amount of variance is explained by the predictor variable, number of math courses taken, on the criterion variable, math overall score?6. What do the following terms represent on the printout?a. Rb. R squarec. Adjusted R square7. What is the simple regression equation?8. In above equation, what is the "a" value and what is the "b" value?9. Is the independent variable the number of math courses taken is statistically significant part of the equation?


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