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Regression Model Analysis Assignment for three largest U.S. Air carriers




Question;Develop a regression model and complete appropriate analysis of the three largest U.S. Air carriers (American Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines) and explain a phenomenon of relationship between ancillary fee revenue (fees from non-ticket sales, such as baggage fees, sales of food and beverage, etc.), System total cargo revenue, and System total operating revenue, in years of 2000-2010. The main emphasis is on the role of ancillary fee revenue in System total operating revenue. Necessary data shall be retrieved from: will also have to explain your topic of interest, the variables chosen, and why the variables were chosen, in addition to presenting and explaining your results. Your paper (minimum 5 pages of content) should include the following:? Introduction - describe the phenomena you are attempting to model and its importance (2 - 3 paragraphs)? Literature Review (find at least two references) - who has done similar work and what were their findings? (2 - 3 paragraphs)? Data - summary statistics of the data (2 - 3 paragraphs)? Methods and Results - what analysis did you perform and what were the expectations for the model? Were your results similar to those in the references you used? (3 - 6 paragraphs)? Conclusions (2 - 3 paragraphs)Your paper must follow current APA standards, including used references and in-text citations (preferably, please use internet sources). Be sure to include tables as necessary and to label them properly.In the Appendix, you have to include graphs used to evaluate normal distribution. A discussion of the results of such analysis should be included in the results section of the paper.Clarification of requirements:Introduction: Phenomena of interest is clearly identified and explanation of importance is provided and is clearlywritten.Literature Review: Summarizes references cogently, organizes them logically with paragraphs, and connects them with effective transitions. Clearly identifies importance of sources to assignment. Uses three or more references.Data Analysis: Data is retrieved (when not provided). Analysis is correct with no errors. Excel spreadsheets include the formulas in cells and not just results. Results are organized results and clearly identified. Results of appropriate tests are also included.Presentation of Data and Analysis: Tables of results, summary statistics, graphs, scatter plots, an any other tables necessary to fulfill the requirements of the assignment are numbered and labeled appropriately. Tables and figures include all necessary titles. Numerical results are reported using appropriate decimal places. Tables, graphs, and figures are appropriately referenced in write-up of results.Explanation of Results, Organization and Expression: Topics arranged in logical sequence, each paragraph contains a single central idea or concept. Transitions provide continuity. Ideas, concepts, and facts clearly presented in smooth, precise, and economic prose. Conclusions are made and supported by results.Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation: Sentence structure and grammar are excellent, correct use of punctuation, minimal to no spelling errors, no run-on sentences or comma splices.APA Compliance: Running header, page numbers, section headings, citations, and reference list conform to APA style.


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