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Question;Manufacturing Project;Lovell Levelers, Inc. is a major provider of specialized;part for the automotive industry. LLI?s;biggest customer, Specific Motors was not a delighted customer this month. In fact, last Monday, the executive vice;president of Specific Motors headquarters, Phyllis Kendall was diverted from a;return trip from Singapore to drop in unexpectedly at the LLI plant. There was nothing routine about this;visit. She made it explicitly clear that;Specific Motors was disappointed with the level of quality relative to the;leveler plates. In particular, she was disappointed;with the current average of rejects at the rate of 1,350 defects per million opportunities;(DPMO), and at LLI's cost of poor quality of just over $256,000 per;quarter. She said the industry standard;is <50 DPMO and if we do not get the level of quality to the industry;standard (as a minimum) within the next six months, LLI should not expect to;keep the business next year.;The student will be a Black Belt working for LLI. The specifics about their company;CEO Bill;Lovell;GM Mary;Nichols;Sponsor John Hopps;Finance Cindy Jenkins;Process owner Leroy;Miller;Master BB Dennis Kens;Manufacturing Mitch;Freese;Design Engineer Al;Nelson;Quality Debbie Judson


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