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Question;Question 1:According to 2009 survey, only 35% of adult Americans had a will (The Wall Street Journal, December 12, 2011). Suppose a recent survey of 250 adult Americans found 100 adults with wills.a.Specify the competing hypothesis to determine whether the proportion of adult Americans that have a will differs from the proportion reported for 2009.b.Calculate the value of the test statistic and the p-valuec.At the 5% significance level, is the proportion different? Explain.Question 2:A university wants to know if the average salary of its graduates has increased since 2010. The average salary of graduates prior to 2010 was $48,000. Since 2010, the university surveyed 256 graduates and found the average salary of $48750. Assume that the standard deviation of all graduates salaries is $7,000.1.Specify the null and alternative hypothesis to determine whether the average salary of graduates has increased.2.Calculate the value of test statistic and the critical value at a 5% significance level.3.At the 5% significance level, can you conclude that salaries have increased? Explain.="p15">


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