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Question;Assignment InstructionsAnalyze the 100 survey responses and write a final report of your observation. Complete your report in a Word document, copying in the relevant output and graphics you need to support your report. Two parts Preliminary reports are due on Week 3 and Week 5 and Final report is Due on Week 7. Your final report must be a complete report describing your findings from the data. Your report should be in APA format(Whenever you answer the question, it should include the correct answer followed with a sentence or two of written explanation supported with your textbook and/or peer reviewed journal articles.)Part 1: Preliminary Report 1 DUE WEEK 3 - No Grade Given - Pass/Fail - OPTIONAL - NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS ACCEPTED(i) Describe the household data using the appropriate descriptive statistics technique for each variable. Hint: Calculate the mean, median, mode, proportion, range, and standard deviation, etc, as appropriate.(ii) Construct a frequency table and histogram of household income in increments of $50,000 (for example, $0?$50,000, $50,001?$100,000, $100,001-$150,000, and so on).Part 2: Preliminary Report 2 DUE WEEK 5 - No Grade Given - Pass/Fail - OPTIONALNO LATE ASSIGNMENTS ACCEPTEDYou have already compute sample parameters for the data.(i) Test the hypotheses that the average household income in the township is greater than $100,000. Hint: Start by stating the null and alternative hypotheses.(ii) Construct a 95% CI for the proportion of households with family history of heart disease, separately for each race. Would you say the proportion of households with history of heart disease differ by race?Part 3: Final Report DUE WEEK 7You believe that income distribution differ by race.(i) Formulate the null and alternative hypotheses you would use to for the test this claim.(ii) Conduct the test and appropriately accept or reject your null hypotheses using ANOVA.(iii) Is there any statistically significant difference in the average household income based on race?Your final report must be a complete report putting together and describing your findings from the analysis of the data from part 1 through part 3. Your report should be in APA format.


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