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DeVry Chicago STATS 430 Week 7 Quiz




Question;Grade Details 1. Question: what is the critical value that corresponds to a confidence level of 92% Your Answer: approximately 1.48 approximately 1.55 approximately 1.75 none of these 2. Question: Compute the margin of error for a 99% confidence interval when sigma is 4 and the sample size is 36. Your Answer: ? 1.3066... ? 1.0966... ? 1.7166... none of these 3. Question: A standard IQ test has a mean of 98 and a standard deviation of 16. We want to be 95% certain that we are within 8 IQ points of the true mean. Determine the sample size. Your Answer: 11 15 16 none of these 4. Question: Interpret a 99% confidence interval of (5.355, 5.445). 5. Question: The bus driver's union claims that the mean age of bus drivers in Los Angeles is 50.1 years. If a hypothesis test is performed, how should you interpret a decision that fails to reject the null hypothesis? 6. Question: The owner of a professional basketball team claims that the mean attendance at games is 18000. a hypothesis test on this would be Your Answer: two tailed left tailed right tailed 7. Question: Find the critical value for a right tailed test with alpha =.05 and n = 75. Your Answer: 1.28 1.96 2.33 1.645 8. Question: Find the critical values for a two tailed test with alpha =.10 and n = 100. Your Answer: ? 1.28 ? 1.645 ? 2.33 none of these Points Received: 0 of 49. Question: A manufacturer claims that the mean lifetime of its fluorescent bulbs is 1050 hours. A homeowner selects 40 bulbs and finds the mean lifetime to be 1030 hours with a standard deviation of 80 hours. Test the manufacturer's claim. Use alpha =.08.


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