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Question;1. The amount of growth during a set 15-day period for a population of sunflower plants follows a normal distribution with?=3.07 cm and?=0.40 cm.Sketch this distribution. Make sure to include an axis with the appropriate units.What proportion of sunflower plants grow between 2.5 and 3.5 cm?What amount of growth corresponds to the 20th percentile of this distribution?2. The shell thickness of eggs produced by a large flock of hens follows a normal distribution with a mean of 0.40 mm and a standard deviation of 0.06 mm. Suppose an egg is defined as ?thin shelled? if it has a shell that is less than 0.35 mm thick.If the eggs from this flock are randomly packed into boxes of 6 eggs each, what is the probability that a box will contain at least one thin-shelled egg?


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