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Question;M&M Values chartOne way that we could determine if the Mars Co. is true to its word is to sample a package of M&Ms anddo a type of statistical test known as a ?goodness of fit? test. This type of statistical test allow us todetermine if any differences between our observed measurements (counts of colors from our M&Msample) and our expected (what the Mars Co. claims) are simply due to chance or some other reason(i.e. the Mars company?s sorters aren?t doing a very good job of putting the correct number of M&M?s ineach package). The goodness of fit test we will be using is called a Chi Square (X2) Analysis.To test this hypothesis we will need to calculate the X2 statistic, which is calculated in the following way:The chart below has the Observed M&M values in it. Fill in the rest of the chart where it is not shaded andanswer the questions that follow.Data Chart 1BrownObserved (o)Expected (e)Blue2746Color CategoriesOrangeGreenRed303428YellowTotal35200Difference (o?e)Difference Squared(o?e)2(o?e)2/e? (d2/e) = X2Note: Degrees of freedom = number of categories ? 11.What is the hypothesis scenario?2. Based on our sample, should we accept or reject our null hypothesis? Why or why not?


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