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Question;All calculations should be done in Word using Equation Editor and all charts and graphs shouldbe done in Excel.Use the output below to answer the following questions.A baseball analyst would like to develop a model to predict the number of wins during the 2011baseball season. The analyst collected several variables: Wins, ERA, Runs Scored, HitsAllowed, Walks Allowed, Errors and Saves from 30 professional baseball teams. The data isshows below.Regression StatisticsMultiple R0.9504Observations30ANOVAdfSSMSFRegression42611.92????Residual??????2891.87??TotalVariableInterceptERARunsScoredHitsAllowedSavesSignificanceF.000000000259Coefficient74.7771-12.3206.08433StandardError16.76263.2066.0079T value4.4610??10.6414P value.00002.0007.00000009Lower 95%??-18.9247.0680Upper 95%??-5.7166.1007.0107.0163??.5176????.2731.1203??.0321.0254.52081) Fill in the tables with the missing values? (You should have 13 different values you need to find)2) What is the correlation of determination?3) What is the adjusted r2?4) What is the standard error of the estimated regression line?5) What is the estimated regression equation?6) Use the estimated regression equation to predict Wins when ERA 5.42, Runs Score is 938, HitsAllowed is 1596 and Saves are 30.7) Calculate the residual for the observed described in number 6), if the original Wins for thatobservation were 72.8) What is the hypothesis scenario?9) Is there evidence of a significant relationship between the OVERALL Wins and the independentvariables? Use alpha =.05. (State the p-value and the conclusion)10) Which of the independent variables are significant predictors of Wins? Which ones do you wantto include in your model? Use alpha =.05 (Hint: run a t test on each slope)


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