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STA 201 Week 6 Assignment




Question;VARIABLE;sex;High School Percentile;Cumulative GPA;Age;Total Earned Credits;Classification;School/college;Primary Major;Residency;Admission Type;ACT English Score;ACT Math Score;ACT Composite Score;VARIABLE NAME;SEX;HSP;GPA;AGE;CREDITS;CLASS;COLLEGE;MAJOR;RESIDENCY;TYPE;ENGLISH;MATH;COMP;Recall from Chapter 1 (p. 30?31) that the Focus database and;Focus sample contain information on the undergraduate students at University of Wisconsin?Eau Claire (UWEC). Now would be a good time for you to review the;discussion about these data sets (see above).;Open the Focuse same worksheet (FocusSample) in the;technology of your choice and do the following.;a. Find the linear;correlation coefficient between cumulative GPA and high school percentile for the 200 UWERC undergraduate students in the;Focus sample.;b. Repeat part (a);for cumulative GPA and each of ACT English Score, ACT Math Schore, and ACT composite score.;c. Amon the variables;high school percentile, ACT English Score, ACT Math Score, and ACT Composite Score, identify the one that appears to be the;best predictor of Cumlative GPA. Explain your reasoning.;Now perform a regression analysis on Cumulative GPA, using;the predictor variable identified in part (c), as follows.;d. Obtain and;interpret a scatterplot.;e. Find and interpret;the regression equation.;f. Find and interpret;the coefficient of determination.;g. Determine and;interpret the three sums of squares SSR, SE, and SST.;Click to download the Focus Sample Excel file. (Note: After;you click the link it opens the preview and you have to click File -;Download to save it as an Excel file.)


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