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Statistics Homework Assignment 2 Questions




Question;ASSIGNMENT #2;1.;The production department of a college newspaper has;embarked upon a quality-improvement effort.;After several brainstorming sessions, the team has chosen as its first;project an issue that relates to the blackness of the newspaper print. Historical data indicates that the blackness;is approximately normally distributed with an average of 1.005 and a standard;deviation of 0.10. Each day, 20 spots on;the first newspaper printed are chosen and the blackness of each spot is;measured. The blackness of the newspaper;is considered acceptable if the average blackness of these 20 spots is between;0.95 and 1.05.;(a);If X is the;random variable used for the ink blackness measurement, define the distribution;of X along with its parameters.;(b);For the 20 observations, define the distribution of;along with its parameters.;What is the probability that the average;blackness of the twenty spots is;(c);less than 1.0?;(d);between 0.95 and 1.0?;(e);Unacceptable, that is, less than 0.95 or greater than;1.05?;2.;Regarding t;values, answer each of the following and;draw the appropriate graphs;(a);t0.025 for n = 16;(b);Find two tvalues;with an area in the upper tail = 0.05, and an area in the lower tail = 0.10 for;n = 20.;(c);P(- 2.797;< T < 2.172) for n = 25;3.;Regarding?2values, answer each of the following and draw the appropriate graphs;(a);?20.025 for n = 16;(b);Find two?2values with;an area in the upper tail = 0.05, and an area in the lower tail = 0.10 for n = 20.;(c);P (?21-?


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