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STA-201 Written Assignment 6 (2014)




Question;STA-201;January 2014;Written;Assignment 6;Case;Study: Texas Hold?em (p.209): Answer a,b,c,d,e,f,g. You must calculate results;by hand (though you may use any technology of your choice to verify your;answers).;a.);The probability that you are dealt pocket aces is 1/221, or 0.00452 to three;significant digits. If you studied;either section 4.5 and 4.6 or section 4.8, verify that probability.;b.) Using the result;from part (a), obtain the probability that you are dealt ?pocket kings?.;c.) Using the result from part (a) and your analysis in part;(b), find the probability that you are dealt a ?pocket pair?, that is, two;cards of the same denomination.;d.) contains at least 1 card of your denomination;(Hint: Complementation rule.);e.) gives you ?trips? that is, contains;exactly 1 card of you denomination and 2 other unpaired cards.;f.) gives you ?quads? that is, contains 2 cards;of you denomination.;g.) gives you a ?boat? that is, contains 1 card;of you denomination and 2 cards of another denomination.


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