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STA-201 Written Assignment 8 (2014)




Question;STA-201;January 2014;Written;Assignment 8;The;written assignment draws on case study discussion exercises at the end of;chapter. When preparing your assignment, please identify each answer clearly by;question and its number.;Case;Study: Chest Sizes of Scottish Militiamen (p.295): Answer a,b,c,d. You must;calculate results by hand (though you may use any technology of your choice to;verify your answers).;a.);Construct a relative-frequency histogram for the chest circumference data;using classes based on a single value.;b.);The population mean and population standard deviation of the chest;circumferences are 30.85 and 2.07, respectively. Identify the normal curve that should be used;for the chest circumference.;c.);Use the table on page 254 to find the percentage of militiamen in the survey;with chest circumferences between 36 and 41 inches, inclusive. Note: As the circumferences were rounded to;the nearest inch, you are actually finding the percentage of militiamen in the;survey with chest circumference between 35.5 and 41.5 inches.;d.);Use the normal curve you identified in part (b) to obtain an approximation to;the percentage of militiamen in the survey with chest circumference between;35.5 and 41.5 inches. Compare you answer;to the exact percentage found in part (c).


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