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B444 Module 8 Homework Assignment




Question;Homework Assignment #8Name: __________________________All calculations should be done in Word using Equation Editor and all charts and graphs should be done in Excel.Use the output below to answer the following questions.A FINANCIAL advisor wants to know if there is a relationship between ING and investment banking. Does ING predict good investments in banking? The results are as follows:Regression StatisticsR Square0.8921Adjusted R Square0.8742Observations8ANOVAdfSSMSFSignificance FRegression1180.2143180.2143??0.00041Residual??21.7857??Total7??VariableCoefficientStandard ErrorT valueP valueLower 95%Upper 95%Intercept-0.32141.4848??0.8358????INVESTMENTS 4.14290.5881??0.0004????1) Fill in the tables with the missing values? (You should have 10 different values you need to find)2) What is the correlation coefficient of the model?3) What is the correlation of determination?4) What is the estimated regression equation?5) Interpret the slope.6) What is the hypothesis scenario?7) Use the estimated regression equation to predict INQ with an INVESTMENT of 6.8) Would your predicted in #7 be interpolation or extrapolation? Why? (Hint: Use the 95% Confidence Interval for reference)9) Is there evidence of a significant relationship between ING and INVESTMENTS? Use alpha =.05.10) One pair of data in this sample is (2, 5). Which says that INVESTMENTS of 2 had an ING of 5, calculate a residual for this data point. (Hint: calculate the difference between the observed ING and predicted ING)11) What is the standarderror of the estimated regression line?


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