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Question;10. Complete each of the following ANOVA summary tables. In addition, answer the following questions for each of the ANOVA summary tables:a. What is the factorial notation?b. How many conditions were in the study?c. How many students were in the study?d. Identify significant main effects and interaction effects.Source df SS MS FA 1 60 B 2 40 A x B 2 90 Error 30 200 Total 35 390 ABCDANOVA tableSource df SS MS FA 2 40 B 3 60 A x B 6 150 Error 72 150 Total 83 400 a.bcdANOVA tableSource df SS MS FA 1 10 B 1 60 A x B 1 20 Error 36 60 Total 39 150 a.bcd12. A researcher is attempting to determine the effects of practice and gender on a timed task. Participants in an experiment are given a computerized search task. They search a computer screen of various characters and attempt to find a particular character on each trial. When they find the designated character, they press a button to stop a timer. Their reaction time in seconds on each trial is recorded. Subjects practice for 2, 4, or 6 hours and are either female or male. The reaction time data for the 30 subjects appear here.Women Men2 Hours 12 1113 1212 1311 1211 114 Hours 10 810 810 108 107 96 Hours 7 55 67 86 57 8ANOVA tableSource df SS MS FGender 1 0.027 Practice 2 140.60 Gender xPractice 2 0.073 Error 24 28 Total 29 168.70 a. Complete the ANOVA summary table. If your instructor wants you to calculate the sums of squares,use the preceding data to do so.b. Are the values of assets of Fobt significant at infinity at? =.05?At? =.01?c. What conclusions can be drawn from the F-ratios?d. What is the effect size, and what does this mean?e. Graph the means.


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