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100mph or 100 mph? Of the 108 females, 24.07%;reported faster than 100 mph. Of the 90 males, 57.78% reported greater than 100;mph.;(a) What is the parameter of interest?;(b) Find a 95% CI for the difference in proportion for males and females would;have driven greater than 100 mph.;(c);Does the interval calculated in part (b) contain 0? What does this tell us;about whether there is a difference in the proportion?;2. Suppose we are interested in testing if there is a difference in the mean;systolic blood pressure for men and women. A sample of 100 men had a sample;mean of 123.5 and a sample standard deviation of 9. A sample of 125 women had a;sample mean of 128.2 and a standard deviation of 12. Use the pooled standard;error.;(a) What is the parameter of interest?;(b) What are the null and alternative hypotheses?;(c);Find the test statistic to test the hypothesis.;(d) What are the degrees of freedom for this test?;(e) Find the p-value.;(f) State the conclusion.;3. A researcher is interested to see if;walking for 30 minutes a day helps women lose weight. A random sample of 40;women participated in the study. Their weight before the experiment was;recorded. The women were asked to walk 30 min every day for 30 days. When the;experiment;was over, they were weighed again. The difference between the;before" weight and the "after weight was found. In other words;D = Before After. Their mean difference of weights was xD = 2:2 and the;standard deviation of the difference was sD = 5. Test the research hypothesis.;(a) What is the parameter of interest?;(b) Calculate the test statistic.;(c);What is the p-value?;(d) State your conclusion.


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