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Question;Module 4;his is an;unformatted preview. Please download the attached document for the original;format.;Queuing Analysis;PROBLEM #8;The ticket booth on;the Tech campus is operated by one person, who is selling tickets for the;annual Tech versus;State football game;on Saturday. The ticket seller can serve an average of 12 customers per hour,on;average, 10;customers arrives;to purchase tickets each hour (poisson distributed). Determine the average time;a ticket buyer must wait;and the portion of;time the ticket seller is busy.;Arrival Rate;Service Rate;Average waiting;time in queue (Wq);Average waiting;time in the system (W);The portion of time;the ticket seller is busy;10;12;0.4167;0.5;83.33%;PROBLEM #10;The Dynaco;Manufacturing Company produces a particular product in an assembly line;operation. One of the machines;on the line is a;drill press that has a single assembly line feeding into it. A;partiallycompleted unit arries at the press to be worked;on every 7.5;minutes on average. The machine operator can process an average of 10 parts per;hour. Determine the average;number of parts;waiting to be worked on, the percentage of time the operator is working, and;the percentage of time the;machine is idle.;Arrival Rate;Service Rate;The average number;of parts waiting to be worked on;The pecentage of;time the operator is working;The percentage of;time the machine is idle;7.5;10;14.0625;75.00%;0.4;PROBLEM #12;The Peachtree;Airport in Atlanta serves light aircraft. It has a single runway and one air;traffice controller to land planes. It takes;an airplane 12;minutes to land and clear the runway. Planes arrive at the airport at the rate;of four per hour.;a. determine the;average number of planes that eill stack up, waiting to land;b. find the average;time a plane must wait in line before it can land.;c. Calculate the;average time it takes a plane to clear the runway once it has notified the;airport that it is in the vicinity and wants to land.;d. The FAA has a;rule than an air traffic controller can, on average, land planes a maximum of;45 minutes out of every hour. There;must be 15 idle;time available to releive the tension. Will this airport have to hire an extra;air traffic controller?;Problem #14;During registration;at State University every semester, students in the college of business must;have their courses approved;by the college;advisor. It takes the advisor an average of 2 minutes to approve each schedule;and students arrive at the advisor's;office at the rate;of 28 per hour.;a. compute L;Lq,W,Wq, and U.;b. the dean of the;college has received a number of complaints from students about the length of;time they must wait to have their schedules;approved. The dean;feels that waiting 10.00 minutes to get a schedule approved is not;unreasonable. Each assistant the dean assigns to;the adviser's;office will reduce the average time required to approve a schedule by 0.25;minute, down to a minimum time of 1.00 minute to;approve a schedule.;How many assistants should the dean assign to the advisor?;Inventory Management;Problem # 2;Hayes electronics;assumed with certainty that the ordering cost is $450 per order and the;inventory;carrying cost is;$170 per unit per year. However, the inventory model parameters are frequently;only;estimates that are;subject to some degree of uncertainty. Consider four cases of variation in the;model;parameters as;follows: (a) both ordering cost and carrying cost are 10% less that originally;estimated;(b) both ordering;cost and carrying cost are 10% higher than originally estimated, (c) ordering;cost is;10% higher and;carrying cost is 10% lower than originally estimated, and (d) ordering cost is;10%;lower and carrying;cost is 10% higher than originally estimated. Determine the optimal order;quantity;and total inventory;cost for each of the four cases. Prepare a table with values from all four;cases and;compare the;sensitivity of the model solution to changes in parameter values.;Problem #4;The Western Jeans;Company purchases denim from Cumberland Textile Mills. The Western Jeans;Company uses;235,000 yards of denim per year to make jeans. The cost of ordering denim from;the;textile company is;$250 per order. It costs Western $1.65 per yard annually to hold a yard of;denim in;inventory.;Determine the optimal number of yards of denim the Western Jeans Company should;order, the minimum;total annual inventory cost, the optimal number of orders per year, and the;optimal time;between orders.Problem 3


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