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Greetings, I am having trouble solving these tw...




Greetings, I am having trouble solving these two questions. Please hellp so I may tally my answers to the solution provided by a tutor from here.,Tutor, For all your workings (may be in excel) do you have the step by step workings. I see that you posted the answers directly. I want to see the broken down steps for the solutions or an excel sheet if that's where you did your work with the formulas. Specially problem 2. Please let me know,Please send it by tonight. Its due tonight. Rememebr I need to see what for Problem1, I need to see whatitems you added in cost of goods sold, for traditional income stmnt. and what items you aded in variable expenses and fixed expenses for contribution method. Also for Problem 2, same break down and formulas. I have marked the conserns that need to be broken down in RED. Thank you once again. ASADDD@YAHOO.COM


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