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Question;Quiz 4 Name;1.;The Bureau of Land Management;is interested in determining the proportion of recreationists who bring a dog;with them into the Bear Trap Wilderness Area, which encloses the Madison River;between Ennis Lake and Route 84. From a;simple random sample of 81 hikers and fishermen who used the Wilderness, 44;were in a group with dogs. Give a 90%;confidence interval for the proportion of all Wilderness recreationists with;dogs.;2.;Suppose that the true;proportion of Wilderness users who bring along a canine friend is 55%. Out of a simple random sample of size n=10;let X be the number of users who;bring a dog.;(a) Give the Binomial;distribution of X;(b) Use the Binomal;distribution from (a) to find the probability that at least one of the recreationists in a sample of size 10;brings a dog.;3. A;study of chromosome abnormalities and criminality examined data on 4124 Danish;males born in Copenhagen Each male was;classified as having the normal male XY chromosome or an abnormal;chromosome. Of the 4096 men with normal;chromosomes, 381 had criminal records, while 8 of the 28 men with chromosome;abnormalities had criminal records.;Some criminologists believe that chromosome abnormalities are associated;with increased criminality. Test this;hypothesis.;(a);State the hypotheses;(b);Calculate the test statistic.;(c);Calculate the p-value.;(d);Make a decision at the 0.10 significance level.;(e) Make a conclusion in terms of the;problem.


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