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Question;AP STAT CH 13;1Pat wants to compare the cost of one- and two-bedroom apartments;in the area of her college campus.;She;collects data for a random sample of 10 advertisements of each type. Here are;the rents for the;two-bedroom;apartments (in dollars per month);595;500, 580, 650, 675, 675, 750, 500, 495, 670;Here;are the rents for the one-bedroom apartments;500;650, 600, 505, 450, 550, 515, 495, 650, 395;1.Pat wonders if two-bedroom;apartments rent for significantly more than one-bedroom apartments.;Perform;a significance test to answer her question.;A;study of chromosome abnormalities and criminality examined data from 4124 males;born in;Copenhagen.;Each man was classified as having a criminal record or not, using the registers;maintained;in the local police offices. Each was also classified as having the normal male;XY;chromosome;pair or one of the abnormalities XYY or XXY. Of the 4096 men with normal;chromosomes;381 had criminal records, while 8 of the 28 men with abnormal chromosomes had;criminal;records. Some experts believe chromosome abnormalities are associated with;increased;criminality.Do these data lend support to;this belief? Perform a significance test to answer this question.


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