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STATS Homework Assignment 5




Question;Homework Assignment #5;All calculations should be done in Word;using Equation Editor and all charts and graphs should be done in Excel.;A;manufacturer has received complaints that aging production equipment is forcing;workers to work overtime in order to meet production quotas. Historically, the;average hours worked per week is 40 with a standard deviation of 7.5 hours. If;a sample of 25 workers found that the average work week is 48 hours, conduct a;hypothesis test to determine if there is significant evidence that the length;of the average work week has increased? Use alpha=.05 (State the Hypothesis;Scenario, calculate the test statistics or p - value and state the conclusion);A;coin that is balanced should come up heads half the time in the long run. A;coin is tossed 4040 times and gives 2085 heads. Is the coin biased? Use Alpha =;.05. (State the Hypothesis Scenario, calculate the test statistics or p - value;and state the conclusion);What;type of Error did you commit in question 2)? Explain;An;agricultural experiment station was interested in comparing the yields for two;new varieties of corn. Because the investigators thought there might be a great;deal of variability in yield from one farm to another, each was randomly;assigned to a different 1-scre plot on each of the seven farms. The difference between Variety A and;Variety B is listed below.;Farm;1;2;3;4;5;6;7;Difference;6.7;4.5;5.7;-.7;4.8;5.4;4.6;Variety A ? Variety B;Does Variety A produce a higher;yield than Variety B? Use alpha=.10 (State the Hypothesis Scenario, calculate;the test statistics or p - value and state the conclusion);According;to a recent study, when shopping online for luxury goods, men spend a mean of;$2,401, whereas women spend a mean of $1,527. Suppose that the study was based;on a sample of 600 men and 700 females, and the standard deviation of the;amount spent was $1,200 for men and $1,000 for women. Is the amount spent;shopping online for luxury goods higher for men than for women? Use alpha =.05;(State the Hypothesis Scenario, calculate the test statistics or p - value and;state the conclusion);Do;people of different age groups differ in their response to e-mail messages? A;survey by the Cent of the Digital Future of the University of Southern;California reported that 70.7% of users over 70 years of age believe that;e-mail messages should be answered quickly as compared to 53.6% of users 12 to;50 years old. Suppose that the survey was based on 1,000 users over 70 years of;age and 1,000 users 12 to 50 years old. Is there evidence of a significant;difference between the two age groups that believe that e-mail messages should;be answered quickly? Use alpha =.01. (State the Hypothesis Scenario, calculate;the test statistics or p - value and state the conclusion)


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