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Three Stats Problems




Question;1.The marketing manager of a large supermarket chain would like to determine the effect of shelf space (in feet) on the weekly sales of international food (in hundreds of dollars). A random sample of 12 equal ?sized stores is selected, with the following results:Store Shelf Space(X) Weekly Sales(Y)1 10 2.02 10 2.63 10 1.84 15 2.35 15 2.86 15 3.07 20 2.78 20 3.19 20 3.210 25 3.011 25 3.312 25 3.5Find the equation of the regression line for these data. What is the value of the standard error of the estimate? Place your answer, rounded to 3 decimal places, in the blank. Do not use a dollar sign. For example, 0.345 would be a legitimate entry.2. In a simple linear regression analysis, the following sum of squares are produced:f$sum{(y-ar{y})^{2}}f$ = 400f$sum{(y-y')^{2}}f$ = 80f$sum{(y'-ar{y})^{2}}f$ = 320The proportion of the variation in Y that is explained by the variation in X is:A.80%B.20%C.25%D.50%3. The correlation value ranges fromA.?2 to +2B.0 to +1C.?1 to +1D.-3 to +3


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