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Introduction to Statistics / Math 13? 12777 - Test 1 Chapters 1, 2, 3




Question;Test;1 Chapters 1, 2, 3;Introduction;to Statistics / Math 13? 12777?Summer 2008 (Prof. Latham);1.For each of the variables described below;indicate whether the variable is a quantitative or a categorical (qualitative);variable. Also, indicate the level of measurement for the variable: nominal;ordinal, interval, or ratio. Make sure your responses are the most specific;possible.;Variable;Type of variable;Level of measurement;(a) Distance (in miles) from home to the;nearest all?night convenience store;Quantitative;Categorical;Nominal Ordinal Interval Ratio;(b) Temperature (in degrees Celsius);Quantitative;Categorical;Nominal Ordinal Interval Ratio;(c) Closing price (in dollars) of a stock;Quantitative;Categorical;Nominal Ordinal Interval Ratio;(d) Letter grade (A, B, C, D, or F);Quantitative;Categorical;Nominal Ordinal Interval Ratio;Indicate your choice for;each by circling the appropriate answer.;2.Which of the following variables are best;thought of as continuous, which discrete? Indicate your choice for each by;circling the appropriate answer.;(a) The number of personal telephone calls made;tomorrow at Bingley Corporation.;Discrete Continuous;(b) The number;of defective compact discs in a batch ofdiscs.;Discrete Continuous;(c) The time for a participant to identify the;color of the letters when the wordredis;shown in green letters on a computer screen.;Discrete Continuous;(d) The number of tickets purchased by a caller;on a Rose Bowl ticket hotline.;Discrete;Continuous;3.In a recent phone survey, people were asked to;state their favorite type of television show.;The pie chart below summarizes the;responses of those surveyed.;addDivNode(455);4.The pie chart below shows how the annual budget;for a certain company is divided by department. If the total budget is;(a) Which category was chosen by approximately;one?fourth of those surveyed?;(b);Approximately what percentage of those surveyed chose Other or Drama?;Write your;answer as a multiple of;7.Methadone is a synthetic drug whose effect on;the body is similar to that of morphine and heroin. Methadone has been used to;help people control their addictions to these other drugs. Recently, the;governor of Florida vetoed a million?dollar appropriation for several Methadone;clinics in the state.;Had Methadone use gotten out of hand? The;following histogram summarizes information from a study ofFlorida Methadone clinic patients. (Florida's;projected mean daily dosage per Methadone clinic patient was aboutmilligrams.);8.The stem?and?leaf display below gives the test;scores for the;Based on the histogram, find the proportion of;daily dosages in the sample that are at leastmilligrams. Write your answer as a decimal, and do not round your;answer.;(a)According to Chebyshev's theorem, at least;% of the measurements lie within 1.5 standard;deviations of the mean;13.An intelligence test that has a maximum time for;completion ofminutes was recently administered to a group ofpeople. Their respective times for completion;(in minutes) were as follows;22, 26, 32, 33;33, 34, 36, 38, 38, 39, 39, 39, 39;41, 42, 42, 42;42, 43, 43, 43.;14.;The following data are the;distances from the workplace (in miles) for theemployees of a small business;5, 14, 10, 12;9.;Assuming that these distances constitute an;entire population, find the standard deviation of the population. Round your;answer to at least two decimal places.;(If;necessary, consult a list of formulas.);Figure 1;(a)For these data, which measures of central;tendency take more than one value? Choose all that apply.;1. Mean;2. Median;3. Mode;4.;None of these measures;(b)Suppose that the measurement 22 (the smallest;measurement in the data set) were replaced by 8. Which measures of central;tendency would be affected by the change? Choose all that apply.;1. Mean;2. Median;3. Mode;4.;None of these measures;(c)Suppose that, starting with the original data;set, the smallest measurement were removed. Which measures of central tendency;would be changed from those of the original data set? Choose all that apply.;1. Mean;2. Median;3. Mode;4. None of;these measures;(d)The relative values of the mean and median for;the original data set are typical of data that have a significant skew to the;left. What are the relative values of the mean and median for the original data;set? Choose only one.;1. Mean is;greater;2. Median is;greater;3.;Cannot be determined;15.Here are the shopping times (in minutes) for a;sample ofshoppers at a particular shoe store;33, 41, 21, 43;22.;Find the standard deviation of this sample of;shopping times. Round your answer to at least two decimal places.;(If necessary;consult a list of formulas.);16.Loretta, who turns eighty this year, has just;learned about blood pressure problems in the elderly and is interested in how her;blood pressure compares to those of her peers. Specifically, she;is;interested in her systolic blood pressure, which can be problematic among the;elderly. She has uncovered an article in a scientific journal that reports that;the mean systolic blood pressure measurement for women over seventy?five is;17.The following data are the ages (in years) ofalgebra teachers in a school district.;38, 30, 31, 55;57, 41, 48, 42, 41, 56, 30, 43, 25;34, 32, 44, 39;58.;Construct a box?and?whisker plot for the data.;addDivNode(412);18.The following are ages ofof the signers;of the;Declaration of;Independence.;27, 27, 44, 43;54, 69, 36, 46, 32, 35, 52, 38, 39;42;40, 49. Find th and;decimal places, and round your answer to at;least one decimal place.;(If necessary;consult a list of formulas.)


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