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An experiment was conducted on the growth rates of tree seedlings by selecting seeds




Question;Question;An experiment was conducted on the growth;rates of tree seedlings by selecting seeds from 4 varieties of trees (denoted;Victoria1, Victoria2, Clinton, and Branch). Four regional blocks were selected;where within each block, 1 ha plots were planted with seedlings from each;variety. Then within each 1 ha plot, four 100 m2 sub-plots were;selected, and one of 4 different sprays were sprayed on the seedlings. These;four treatments were denoted as (Check, Ceresan, Panogen, and Agrox). The data;can be found found at trees.csvWhat;is the experimental design?Create;an interaction plot for the variety.Create;an ANOVA table and perform relevant tests.Is;interaction significant? Do your results agree with part (b)?Do;you think it is a good idea to remove a variety from the data and analyze;seperately? Explain.If;yes.How;would you analyze the spray for that one variety, i.e. what design would you;use? Hint: It might be helpful to visualize the data in wide format.Analyze;the remainder of the data (with that one variety removed). Plot interaction;plots, determine which effects are significant and perform pairwise Tukey 95%;comparisons.If;no, which effects are significant? Perform pairwise Tukey 95% comparisons


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