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STATS CRUNCH Week 4 Assignment




Question;Week 4;Assignment;1. For;each correlation coefficient below, calculate what proportion of variance is;shared by the two correlated variables;1.;r = 0.25;2.;r = 0.33;3.;r = 0.90;4.;r= 0.14;2. For;each coefficient of determination below, calculate the value of the correlation;coefficient;1.;r2 = 0.54;2.;r2 = 0.13;3.;r2 = 0.29;4.;r2 = 0.07;3. Suppose;a researcher regressed surgical patients? length of stay (dependent variable);in the hospital on a scale of functional ability measured 24 hours after;surgery. Given the following, solve for the value of the intercept constant and;write out the full regression equation;Mean length of stay = 6.5days, mean score on scale = 33;slope = -0.10;4. Using;the regression equation calculated in Exercise 3, compute the predicted value;of Y (length of hospital stay) for patients with the following functional;ability scores;1.;X = 42;2.;X = 68;3.;X = 23;4.;X = 10;5. Use the;regression equation below for predicting graduate GPA for the three presented;cases.;Y? = -1.636 + 0.793(undergrad GPA) + 0.004(GREverbal) ?;0.0009(GREquant);+0.009(Motivation);Subject undergrad GPA GREverbal GREquant Motivation;1 2.9 560 540 55;2 3.2 550 590 65;3 3.4 600 550 70;6. Using;the following information forR2,k, andN;calculate the value of theF statistic for testing the overall;regression equation and determine whetherF is statistically significant;at the 0.05 level;1.;R2 = 0.13,k = 5,N = 120;2.;R2 = 0.53,k = 5,N = 30;3.;R2 = 0.28,k = 4,N = 64;4.;R2 = 0.14,k = 4,N = 64;7.;According to the University of Chicago, as men age, their cholesterol level;goes up. A new drug (XAB) is being tested to determine if it can lower;cholesterol in aging males and at what dose. The data for the first test;subject is below;Dose (mg) 2 3 5 6 8 10;Cholesterol level (mg/dL) 310 124 201 110 52 20;1.;Plot the data and include a;regression line in StatCrunch. Copy and paste your graph into your Word;document for full credit.;2.;What is the correlation coefficientrand;what does it mean in this case?;3.;What is the coefficient of;determination and what does it mean in this case?;4.;Is there a statistically significant;correlation between dose and cholesterol level in this case?;5.;What is the predictedcholesterol;level for a person taking a dose of 4 mg? What about if they are not taking the;drug at all (0 mg)?;="#000000">


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