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STAT 121: Writing Assignment 1 Confidence Intervals




Question;STAT 121: Writing Assignment 1;Confidence Intervals (13 points);Directions: Read;the following article and answer each question completely but concisely. Be;sure to save a copy of your work, and see the syllabus for submission;details. (The spacing between the;questions is not necessarily an indication of the expected response length.);Journal March;26, 2010;Resting;Heart Rates of American Adults;A normal;resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats a minute,;reports Dr. Edward Laskowski of the Mayo Clinic. Lower resting heart rates are;generally associated with higher cardiovascular fitness. With the marked;increase in obesity in America, there is rising concern that the average;resting heart rate of American adults is trending towards the higher end of the;accepted range. A recent study conducted by the Statistical Health Association;of America validates this concern. Results were based on a sample of 1587 American;adults (ages 18 and older). The mean resting heart rate from this sample was calculated;at 87 beats per minute (bpm). The study concludes, with 95% confidence, that the;true mean resting heart rate of American adults is in the interval (80, 94).;1. (1 point) What is the population that the confidence;interval in the article is making an inference about? Be specific.;2. (1 point) What is the parameter of interest for the;confidence interval in context?;3. (2 points) Give the confidence interval as reported in;the article. Is the reported interval in the form of an interval or is it in;the form of estimate ? margin of error? If it is not in interval form, give it;in interval form.;4. (2 points) What confidence level is associated with the;given interval? Is the choice of confidence level reasonable? Why or why not?;5. (2 points) Interpret the confidence LEVEL given in your;previous answer in your previous answer in the context of the problem.;6. (2 points) How was the sample collected? Does this allow;us to infer things about the population? If the article does not state how it;was collected, how SHOULD it have been collected?;7. (3 points) Interpret your calculated interval in context.;Make sure to include all three parts of a confidence interval interpretation.


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