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STATS Learning Enhancer Problem Questions




Question;1);You are a struggling college student and look for the best deals you can find;on things you need (including your nightly cup of coffee before class). Pete?s;coffees opens a store near the Starbucks that you have been going to and;advertises a promotion that will get you a free cup of coffee. When you go to;Pete?s, they will give you a reward card to scratch off. The sign claims that;more than 50% of the cards result in a free cup of coffee or a free cappuccino.;You?ve been going to Pete?s and haven?t gotten a card with a free cup yet so;you want to test their claim. You sample 25 other students who have been to;Pete?s and find that 52% of them say they have received a free cup of coffee or;cappuccino. Test the store?s claim at the.10 significance level. Be sure to;show your claim and hypothesis. What do you conclude about your null? What do;you conclude about the claim?;2) In;2008 Pell and Smith State grants totaled about $4,000 per student. Although the;federal government has cut the amount of Pell grants for 2012, Smith State;publicizes that due to fundraising efforts they can offer students more than;the 2008 amounts. You talk with your fellow students and find this claim hard;to believe. Since you are taking statistics, you decide to take a sample to test;the university claim. You take a sample of 31 students and find a mean award of;$4,162 with a standard deviation of $754. Test the university?s claim at the;.10 significance level. Be sure to show the claim and your null and alternative;hypothesis. What did you conclude about your null hypothesis? What do you;conclude about the claim?;3) What;is Type I error? How do we correct for it using the significance level? What;happens when we do?;4) What;is Type II error? How do we correct for it using the significance level? What;happens when we do?;5) How can we correct for Type I and Type II;error at the same time?;6)There is some evidence that individuals who;start exercising without properly warming are more prone to injury. You do a;survey to determine if stretching before exercising is related to the number of;injuries that an individual might have. The results are shown in the;contingency table below. Use the Chi-Square of association (relationship) to;test the hypothesis that stretching before exercising is not related to the;occurrence of an injury when exercising. Use the significance level of.01 to;test the relationship. What do you conclude based on your data?;Warm up;stretching;Total;Result;Yes;No;Injury;28;42;No injury;195;145;Total;7) Individuals use a wide variety of methods;to prepare their taxes. Previous studies show that in 2002 the percentage for;each method was as shown in the list below. You believe that there has been a;change in how people do their taxes in the past 10 years, as home computers;have been more prevalent. You have developed a new software for taxes and need;to demonstrate to a financial backer that people have changed their habits. You;do a random survey to determine how individuals prepared their taxes this year.;Your data is contained in the table below. Using the previous percentages as a;model, test your theory that there has been a change. Test at the.05;significance level. (HINT: use the percentages;to determine the expected for each category based on the total in your sample.;Be sure to convert the percentage to a decimal before you begin.);Method;Previous;%;Survey;data;Expected;(O-E);(O-E)2;(O-E)2/E;Accountant;25%;91;By hand;20%;60;Computer;Program;35%;135;Friend/Family;5%;25;Taxi;prep service;15%;50


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