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Columbia DBA 8475 Unit II Case Study




Question;Unit II Case Study;The case study for Unit II is ?Shouldice Hospital ? A Cut;Above.? The case is presented on pages 87 and 88 of the textbook. Respond to the questions at the end of the case on;page 88. Your responses should be complete but succinct.;Shouldice Hospital ? A Cut Above;1.;How well is the hospital currently utilizing its beds?1.;Develop a similar table to show the effects of adding operations on;Saturday. (Assume that 30 operations would still be performed each day.) How;would this affect the utilization of the bed capacity? Is this capacity sufficient;for the additional patients?1.;Now look at the effect of increasing the number of beds by 50%. How;many operations could the hospital perform per day before running out of bed;capacity? (Assume operations are performed five days per week, with the same;number performed on each day.) How well would the new resources be utilized;relative to the current operation? Could the hospital really perform this many;operations? Why? (Hint: Look at the capacity of the 12 surgeons and the five;operating rooms.)1.;Although financial data are sketchy, an estimate from a construction;company indicates that adding bed capacity would cost about $100,000 per bed.;In addition, the rate charged for the hernia surgery varies between about $900;and $2000 (U.S. dollars), with an average rate of $1,300per operation. The;surgeons are paid a flat $600 per operation. Due to all the uncertainties in;government health care legislation, Shouldice would like to justify any;expansion within a five-year time period.


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