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Question;Final Project FP Requiremts 2 pagesThis is your final project. You will prepare a PowerPointpresentation to present your findings. This assignment requires you to use Excel, make sure you also submit the Excel file to show your work. Place all calculations for each of the questions on a separate worksheet. Then, using the results of your work from Excel, prepare PowerPoint slides to answer the questions in a presentation format. Search the Internet to ensure that you are using the bestPowerPoint tips to display an appropriate presentation. Check the Webliography tab at the top of the course page for help.For the final project, you will be analyzing the ?Colonial Broadcasting? case. Answer the questions listed below, NOT the questions listed in the case. Ignore everything in the case after the end ofpage 6.The executives at CBC want to see how they are doing in ratings against the other networks and how the ratings will continue to change in the upcoming months. They also want to know if hiring stars makes a difference and the impact of fact based programming compared to hiring stars. You will create a PowerPoint presentation to answer the questions below. Remember that your audience is the management of CBC: Make sure your presentation is professional and provides sufficientexplanation.1. Descriptive statistics:What is the average rating for all CBC movies? How about ABN movies and BBS movies?Include a table that shows the average and the other descriptive statistics for the ratings of thethree networks (one column for each network). Comment on which network is doing best andwhat you learn from the other key metrics in the table.?2. Charting:Create a line graph of the monthly average ratings for CBC for the year. Note that there aremultiple ratings data for the months, you will need to calculate an average for each month andthen plot the averages. After you create the graph, fit a linear trend line, displaying the formulaand the r-squared. Explain to the executives if you can use this time series data to forecast theratings of upcoming months. How accurate can you expect this forecast to be?3. Hypothesis testing:Should the CBC hire stars for their movies? To answer this question, run a hypothesis test tosee if there is a significant difference between the ratings of movies with stars vs. movieswithout stars. Use the data for CBC movies only. Use 95% confidence. Explain your answerdonot simply say yes or no without referring to the relevant figures.4. Regression:CBC Management has several questions: Which has more impact on a movie?s rating: that it isfact based or that it has one star? How much does each of these factors change the ratings?Do you expect a fact based movie that does not have any stars to get better ratings than afiction movie with one star? Run a multiple regression where the dependent variable is ratingsand the independent variables are star and fact. Use data from all networks, not just CBCmovies. How well does this regression analysis explain the ratings? Justify your answersbased on the results.Submit your PowerPoint Presentation file and your Excel file to the Unit 6 Dropbox.?GB513 Unit 6 Final Project Content Points Possible Points EarnedAverage rating for all CBC movies is provided (Question 1) 10Average rating for all ABN and BBS movies (Question 1) 10Table showing the average and other descriptive statistics 10for the ratings of the three networks using one column foreach network (Question 1)Line graph created and plotted using the calculatedaverage monthly ratings of CBC for the year. (Question 2) 15Q2 Graph includes a linear trend line displaying theformula and the r-squared. 15Q3 response shows an accurate hypothesis test was runusing 95% confidence. 30Accurate results of multiple regression using all networkswith the dependent variable being the ratings and 30independent variables being the star and factAnalysisAnalysis of which network is doing the best and what was learned from the other key metrics in the table. (Question1) 15Summary to executives regarding whether the times series data obtained for Q2 can be used to project ratings for the 20 upcoming months including an assessment of how accurate the forecast can be expected to be. (Question 2)Explanation for whether CBC should hire stars for their movies using relevant figures to justify answer. (Question 3) 15Explanation of whether the movie includes a star or whether it is fact-based has more impact on a movie?s 10 rating using the results to justify the answer. (Question 4)Explanation includes a summary of how much each factor changes the ratings using the results to justify the answer.(Question 4) 10Explanation and justification based on results is provided for whether a fact-based movie that does not have any stars would be expected to get better ratings than a fictionmovie with one star. (Question 4) 10Writing SkillsPowerPoint is formatted appropriately and communicatedclearly. 50250Total


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