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Kaplan Gb513 unit 1 assignment




Question;Question 1:According to T-100 Domestic Market, the top;seven airlines in the United States by domestic boarding?s in a recent year;were Southwest Airlines with 81.1 million, Delta Airlines with 79.4 million, American;Airlines with 72.6 million, United Airlines with 56.3 million, Northwest;Airlines with 43.3 million, U.S. Airways with 37.8 million, Continental;Airlines with 31.5 million. Construct a pie chart and a bar graph to depict;this information.Question;2:The;U.S. Department of the Interior releases figures on mineral production.;Following are the 15leading;states in nonfuel mineral production in the United States in 2008.;a);Using;the data analysis toolpak in Excel, calculate the descriptive statistics.a);Briefly;explain what each of the metrics in the summary statistics means.c) Comment on the figures in the report. What are they telling you;about this data set? Is it Symmetrical, flat, skewed, does it have outliers, and so on?Question 3:Suppose Procter & Gamble sells about 20 million bars of;soap per week, but the demand is notconstant, and production;management would like to get a better handle on how sales are distributed;over the year. Let the following sales figures given in units of;million bars represent the sales of barsper week over one year.;Construct a histogram to represent these data. What do you see in the graph;that might be helpful to the production (and sales) people?Question;3: What do you see in the graphthat might be helpful to the;production (and sales) people?


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