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STAT 200 - Elementary statistics Problems




Question;STAT 200Be sure to show all your work for problems requiring calculations in order to earn partial credit for an incorrect answer. If you choose to just submit answers rather than complete solutions, let me know which type of technology you used.Please highlight your final answer. 1. (1 point) Determine which of the four levels of measurement:Voltage measurements from my house ____________ Book genre ____________ Outside temperature in winter in Silver Spring ____________ Restaurant ratings on scale of 0-4 stars ____________2. (1 point) Determine type of sampling:?I collected shoe sizes from my family ____________1003 adults were called after their phone numbers were randomly generated by computer ____________ Police stopped every sixth driver for sobriety test ____________ U.S. D.O.C. collected data by randomly selecting 8 Federal prisons and surveying every prisoner ____________?3. (2 points) I collected radon samples from basements inmy neighborhood and obtained the following:Radon in cPi Frequency2-5 26-9 210-13 614-17 15Identify class width ______________Identify class midpoints ______________________Identify class boundaries ______________________Create histogram4. (1 point) A simple random sample of pages of my dictionary was collected. These are the number of words defined on each page. Find the mean, median, mode, and midrange.51 63 36 43 34 62 73 39 53 79There are 1459 pages. Estimate the total number of words in the dictionary. Is the estimate likely to be an accurate estimate of the total number of words in the English language?5. (1 point) Environmental scientists measured CO2 emissions of a sample of cars in tons. Is the value of 9.3 unusual? Base your answers on the standard deviation, which must be included in your answer.7.2 7.1 7.4 7.9 6.5 7.2 8.2 9.36. (2 points) A simple random sample of starting weekly salaries for college graduates was obtained. What is the 5-number summary? Construct a boxplot.664 693 698 714 751 753 779 789 802 818 834 836?7. (1 point) What is the probability of selecting a person who has high blood pressure or being male?Has High Blood Pressure Yes NoMale 201 288Female 126 224 What is the probability of selecting a woman?8. (1 point) If 2 out of 100 second graders are randomly selected, find the probability that they are both boys and like spring: Spring Summer Fall WinterBoys 39 35 8 4Girls 6 5 2 1a) With replacement?b) Without replacement?9. (1 point) Human body temperatures have a mean of 98.200 F and a standard deviation of 0.620 F. Convert each of the following to a z-score and determine if it is usual or unusual.a. 96.900 Fb. 96.980 F10. (1 point) My parents lived in Florida and wanted to know the probability of winning the Florida Fantasy 5 if they bought one ticket. They had to pick the five winning numbers from 1?36. Each randomly selected number is different and order doesn?t matter.?11. (2 points) Groups of five babies are randomly selected. In each group, the random variable x is the number of babies with green eyes.x P(x)0 0.5281 0.3602 0.0983 0.0134 0.0015 0+Is this a probability table? If not, why not? If it is, what is the mean and standard deviation?12. (1 points) Ten peas are generated from parents having the green/yellow pair of genes so there is a 75% probability that an individual pea will have a green pod. Find the probability that among the 10 offspring peas, at least 9 have green pods. Is this unusual? Why or why not?13. (1 point) Find the critical value:a. Z0.02b. Z0.01c. Z0.1014. (2 points) Assume adults have IQ scores that are normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15.Find the probability that a randomly selected adult has IQ 70Find P30, which is the IQ separating the bottom 30% from the top 70%?15. (2 points) Assume women?s ring sizes are normally distributed with a mean of 6 and a standard deviation of 1.0. a. If one woman is randomly selected, find the probability that her ring size is < 6.2b. If 100 women are randomly selected, find the probability that the mean ring size is < 6.2c. A jeweler sees part b. and decides that all rings should be made < 6.2 because they would fit all but a few women with a ring guard. What?s wrong with this reasoning2.4.16Here are weekly instructions times for school children in different countries: 23.8 hours(Japan) 26.9 hours (China) 22.2 hours (U.S) 24.6 hours (UK) 24.8 hours (France). What do these results suggest about education in USA?


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