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Question;In the resources section of the class;smartsite, you will find the Excel dataset for this exam called 'diamond.xlsx.;You will find a database about diamond earrings;with 308 observations and 5 variables.;Here is the code for the variables;Variable Name;Description;Carat;Total weight of the diamond earrings in carat units;Color;From most to least white ? D, E, F, G, H, I;Clarity;From most to least clear ? IF, VVSI, VVS2, VS1,VS2;Certification;Certification Body ? GIA, IGI, or HRD;Price;Price of the earrings in dollars;From time to time, in order to keep one?s spouse happy, one;must but the other an expensive present. In some houses, that has come to mean ?;?diamond earrings.? The goal is to explain the variation in the price of;diamond earrings. How you go about doing so is up to you. The only thing that;will be turned in is a 2-4 page essay with whatever charts, graphs, diagrams;references, and anything else that you deem necessary.;Suggestions;Make sure to follow the steps that we have used;in the homework and the project.Don?t forget about the theoryBe usre to explain and interpret all results ? I;don?t want the TA?s to have to read through your output.Don?t forget about the classical assumptions.Don?t forget about generating new variables if;you need to.


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