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Question;Question;2;John and Jane Darling are newlyweds trying;to decide among several available rentals. Alternatives were scored on a scale;of 1 to 5 (5 = best) against weighted performance criteria, as shown in Table;11.6. The criteria included rent, proximity to work and recreational opportunities;security, and other neighborhood characteristics associated with the couple?s;values and lifestyle. Alternative A is an apartment, B is a bungalow, C is a;condo, and D is a downstairs apartment in Jane?s parents? home.;Which location is indicated by the;preference matrix?;What qualitative factors might cause this;preference to change?;Question 3;Two alternative locations;are under consideration for a new plant: Jackson, Mississippi, and Dayton;Ohio. The Jackson location is superior in terms of costs. However, management;believes that sales volume would decline if this location were chosen because it;is farther from the market, and the firm?s customers prefer local suppliers.;The selling price of the product is $250 per unit in either case. Use the;following information to determine which location yields the higher total;profit per year


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