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Introduction to Business Statistics Assignment




Question;1.;When the owner of a small business reviews her list of contracts for 2011, she;finds that 35% of the contracts were from clients she met at a large conference;at the end of 2010. Answer the following questions about this situation.;A. Was this measurement obtained by a sample or a census? What words in the;description of the situation make you confident that your answer is correct?;B. Should the owner have taken into account some measure of reliability;associated with the value 35%.;3. Assume that the number of sales per day of an app in the;Apple iOS App Store is normally distributed.;a. What two parameters of the distribution would you need to;be able to determine the probability of sales on a particular day exceeding 100;units?;b. If the probability of sales exceeding 100 units is 20%;and the mean daily sales is 86 units, then what is the standard deviation of;the distribution?;5. A;health inspector at a restaurant will enter the kitchen and choose 5 stations;to;inspect from a predetermined list of 15 stations present in most restaurant;kitchens.;a. How many different sets of 5 stations exist?;b. If all sets are equally likely, what is the probability of each set?;c. If the inspector were instead to randomly select 13 stations to inspect, how;many;different sets of 13 stations would exist?;d.;If all sets were equally likely, what is the probability of each set?;6.;The company policy for customer service reps gives time off for positive;reviews. If, in the first 20 calls a customer service agent handles in a day;13 or more elect to take a subsequent survey and rate the service as;?excellent? then the company gives the agent his or her final hour of work that;day off, paid. Ellie receives excellent reviews from 30% of the calls in the;first 7 hours of a workday, on what percentage of her 8 hour workdays does;Ellie get the final hour off?;8.;Since careful records have begun being kept in January, Eric's small business;has delivered the following quantities of flowers throughout town.;January;February;March;April;May;June;July;August;Small;Bouquets;85;34;26;24;43;29;30;19;Large;Bouquets;23;64;27;18;33;23;20;13;Assuming;the data is normally distributed, construct two separate 90% confidence;intervals, one for the number of deliveries of small bouquets in September and;one for the number of large bouquets in September.;9.;The following are data values of variables x and y;x;5;4;3;6;9;8;10;y;7;8;10;5;2;3;1;Construct a scatter diagram of the data points and plot the least squares;regression line on it. Find the least squares regression line. Show all of your;work


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