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Question;Final Exam: SPSS Assignment Instructions;Description:This;portion of the Final Exam draws upon the knowledge and skills you acquired throughout;this course by asking you to perform an SPSS analysis.For each case study, choose the appropriate correlation or;regression procedure. Then, using the SPSS Assignment Data Set, run the;appropriate procedure and analyze the data. In a Word document, write an APA;results section. At the end of the document, copy and paste the SPSS output;used for the assignment.Note;that SPSS output is rarely in APA format, therefore, refrain from copying and;pasting SPSS output into your results.;Include;the following elements in your results;The assumption tests and their;results, including a conclusion about the tenability of the assumption and how;it may influence the results (include graphs if you used them.),Adequate descriptive statistics;(e.g. M, SD, n, N),The null hypothesis,Identification of the appropriate procedureand a justification;for its use using analysis resources,The results of the procedure, in;statistical and narrative form,The decision regarding the null;hypothesis, andThe effect size, including an;interpretation (be sure to cite the convention used), and power.;For;the purpose of the final exam, do not transform or change any variables if;assumptions are not met. Conduct and report the most appropriate parametric;procedure, simply note violations and identify the nonparametric alternative;that could be conducted.;You;may consider the following parametric statistical procedures to respond to the;questions;One-sample t;TestDependent t;TestIndependent t;TestOne-Way ANOVATwo-Way ANOVARepeated Measures ANOVAMANOVABivariate Correlation (Pearson r and Spearman rho)Partial CorrelationBivariate Linear Regression;NOTE: While you were allowed to;work with your peers for the other SPSS Assignments, you must work individually;for this final exam. You may not receive any assistance from any outside person;or peer as this is considered cheating.;Submission:Submit;your assignment in a Word.doc(No other file format will be accepted) via BlackboardFinal Exam: SPSS Assignment SafeAssign link as well as the;LiveText link. Your file name must be as follows: EDUC712_AssignmentName_Lastname_FirstName.;Grading Criteria:Review theFinal Exam: SPSS AssignmentGrading Rubric for grading details.;The Final Exam: SPSS Assignment is;due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) onFriday of;Module/Week 8.;Final Exam Case;Studies;Case Study 1;The university requires;a faith based orientation course focused on religious commitment. Effectiveness;data collected and analyzed for this orientation course data indicates that the;orientation increases students? intrinsic religious motives. The researcher is;interested to know if students? intrinsic religious motives are related to;their faith development. The researcher develops the following research;question and asks you to analyze the data to answer it: What is the;relationship between university students? intrinsic religious commitment as;measured by theReligious Orientation;Scale?Revised (Gorsuch & McPherson, 1989) subscale and faith;development as measured by theFaith Development Scale (FDS, Leak,Loucks;Bowlin, 1999)? If a;relationship is found between these variables, then the university may explore;the possibility of adding a faith development piece to their orientation and;data collection.;Case Study 2;TheFaith Development Scale (FDS;Leak,Loucks, &Bowlin, 1999);was given tostudents;upon entrance into the university and then again given for the purpose of this research.;As the university is a faith based institution, the;researcher recognizes the importance of measuring students? faith development;to examine if the school is meeting its mission. Thus, the researcher asks the;question, is there a statically significant difference in students? faith;development from the time of entrance to now?;Choose either;Case 3 or 4;Case Study 3;The university;wants the researcher to determine whether students differ in their faith development;as measured by theFaith Development Scale (Leak,Loucks, &Bowlin, 1999)and their sense;of community based their choice of delivery environment (online, blended). If;differences are found, then they may need to evaluate teaching and learning strategies;used within each learning environment and how they influence faith development;as well as community. The following question is posed: Do university students;differ in terms of faith development and sense of community based on delivery;environment?;Case Study 4;The;university wants the researcher to determine whether there are differences in GPA;based on delivery environment and race. If differences are found, then they may;need to evaluate course ethnic sensitivity and the teaching and learning strategies;used within each learning environment. Thus, the following question is posed;Do university students differ in terms of GPA based on race and delivery;environment? (Hint: Since you have learned about the importance of power, be;sure to note and discuss observed power for each non-significant effect. Are;there any possible Type I or II errors?)


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