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Question;Use Stata to analyze the data listed in the file anovadata.xlsx. The data are changes in fat-free mass in women after 16 weeks on an aerobics, modern dance, or control program. Let?A denote the mean fat-free mass change for women in the aerobics group,?MD denote the mean fat-free change for women in the modern dance group, and let?C denote mean change for women in the control group.a) Obtain side-by-side boxplots. Discuss the validity of model assumptions based on this graphic. Also, do the groups appear to be different, and if so, how are they different?b) Check the equal variance and normality assumptions.c) Test the null hypothesis Ho:?A =?MD =?Cd) Obtain 95% Bonferroni adjusted p-values to test all pairwise differences.e) Provide a conclusion that addresses the scientific question.


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