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Using the following table of relation between X & Y




Question;1. Using the following table of relation between;X & Y (Y is the independent Variable);xi;1;2;3;4;5;6;7;yi;8;7;7;6;4;4;? 1;Find;the estimated regression equation. Show;ALL your calculations and the appropriate formula. WRITE Formula in all the questions below and;substitute for the numbers, demonstrate your work.Calculate;R2. Comment on the Goodness;of the Fit. Is it a good fit? Why?Test;the hypothesis regarding the significance of the slope?1. (Use? = 0.05) Show ALL the calculations necessary to;get your answer.Calculate;the values of F, using formula for F statistics (Look at the Formula;Sheet). Is F significant? Explain how you know.;2. Using;the same values as in part (1), Run the Simple Regression Model in Excel. Copy;all the relevant parts from the Excel output one by one, and paste it in MS;Word, and answer the related question right below that question.;a. Write the Regression equation from Excel, and explain why your;Independent variable is significant;(Use? = 0.05). Explain.;Copy & pated the residual;plot from Excel and paste it in MS Word and indicate whether the;Homoscedasticity assumption has been met.


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