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Biostats SSC 328M Homework 11




Question;Biostats SSC 328M Homework 11Write;your answers onto one or more separate sheets of paper. Clearly mark each sheet;with your name, your EID, and your lab section.;Scientists studied the relationship between the;length of the body of a bullfrog and how far it can jump. The results are given in the following table;Bullfrog;Length (mm);Maximum Jump (cm);1;155;71.0;2;127;70.0;3;136;100.0;4;135;120.0;5;158;103.3;6;145;116.0;7;136;109.2;8;172;105.0;9;158;112.5;10;162;114.0;11;162;122.9;Mean;149.64;103.99;Standard Deviation;14.47;17.94;Correlation;0.28;1. Sketch;a scatter plot that predicts a bullfrogs maximum jump based on its body length.;(1 pt);2. Calculate;the linear regression equation that predicts a bullfrogs maximum jump based on its;body length. Show all of your work and;any formulas you use. (2 pts);3. Within;the context of the problem, what does the slope of the regression equation;mean? (1pt);4. If;you measured a bull frog with body length 130 mm, and measured its jump;distance at 100 cm, what is the residual? (1;pt);5. What;proportion of the variation in maximum jump distances can be explained by the;linear relationship between jump distance and frog length? (1 pt);6. How;would you confirm that a linear regression analysis is appropriate for this;data? (1pt);7.;Perform a test of correlation to;determine if a frogs body length is related to its jump distance. Include all steps in the testing procedure at;a 5% level of significance. (3 pts)


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