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Question;Question 11.Determine which of the following statements is descriptive in nature and which is inferential. Refer to the data below in How Old is My Fish?a. All 9-inch largemouth bass in New York State are an average of 3 years old.b. Of the largemouth bass used in the sample to make up th NYS DEC Freshwater Fishing Guide, the average age of 9-inch largemouth bass was 3 years.In your answer also describe and explain the difference between descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.Question 22.Since 1981, Fortune magazine has been tracking what they judge to be the ?best 100 companies to work for.? The companies must be at least ten years old and employ no less than 500 people. Below are the top 25 from the list compiled in 1998, together with each company?s percentage of females, percentage of job growth over a 2 year span, and number of hours of professional training required each year by the employer.a. Find the mean, range, variance, and standard deviation for each of the three variables shown in the list. Present your results in a table.b.Using your results from (a), compare the distributions for job growth percentage and percentage of women employed. What can you conclude?


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