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Grantham BA215 Assignment 3




Question;1. If you could stop time and;live forever in good health, what age would you pick? Answers to this question;were reported in a USA Today Snapshot. The average ideal age for each age group;is listed in the following table, the average ideal age for all adults was;found to be 41. Interestingly, those younger than 30 years want to be older;whereas those older than 30 years want to be younger.;Age Group;Ideal Age;18 - 24;27;25 - 29;31;30 - 39;37;40 - 49;40;50 - 64;44;65 +;59;Age is used as a variable twice in;this application.;a.;The;age of the person being interviewed is not the random variable in this;situation. Explain why and describe how ?age? is used with regard to age group.a.;What;is the random variable involved in this study? Describe its role in this;situation.a.;Is;the random variable discrete or continuous?;Question 2;2.Find the area under the normal curve;that lies to the left of the following z-values.;a. Z = -1.30 =;b. Z = -3.20 =;c. Z = -2.56 =;d. Z = -0.64 =


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