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MGMT650 - CAR Packaging Assignment




Question;Instructions;The assigned paper is linked in News Week 2;Prepare your review in MS Word.;Grading rubric;? Double spaced;? 12 point Times Roman;? Length 400 - 600 words;? No spelling errors;? No punctuation errors;? No grammar errors;? Cover page complete with "Critical Review of", Title, authors, (vertical space) your name, University of Maryland University Center, MGMT650, date, TurnItIn score, per APA;? Report organizational headings include Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion;? Report organizational headings formatted per APA;? Reference to paper included in References;? References and citations match;? Citations formatted per APA;? Author reference formatted per APA;? Independent and dependent variables identified correctly in Introduction;? Demonstrates understanding of the use of the statistical terms or methods;? Interpretation of data correct;? Written in a style that can be understood by non- statistician decision makersRead your paper and polish it. You may work with the Effective Writing Center (EWC).


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