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Question;(only part 1-3) answeredSTEP 1:You are;doing research on balance and fitness.;To complete this research you will need a watch with a second hand. Identify a random sample of n = 12 men and n;= 8 women. You must answer this question: How do you establish that this sample is;truly random?;STEP 2:Have;each subject perform the following task;a) Have the subjects stand with their hands at their;side, raise one knee, cross their ankle over the other knee, squat and bring;their hands palms together in front of their chest. Time the subject until they;put their foot back down on the floor.;b) Ask the following;questions;i) How;many days per week do they exercise?;ii) What is their favorite exercise?;MEN;WOMEN;Time;seconds;Exercise per week;Favorite exercise;Time;seconds;Exercise per week;Favorite exercise;1;0.22;3;Cardiovascular;1;0.20;3;Cardiovascular;2;0.20;3;Aerobics;2;0.21;3;Cardiovascular;3;0.18;5;Aerobics;3;0.25;2;Aerobics;4;0.19;4;Aerobics;4;0.24;2;Aerobics;5;0.20;4;Push;up;5;0.22;3;Cardiovascular;6;0.26;0;N/A;6;0.27;0;N/A;7;0.22;2;Aerobics;7;0.19;5;Aerobics;8;0.21;3;Cardiovascular;8;0.25;2;Flexibility;9;0.23;3;Aerobics;10;0.22;4;Aerobics;11;0.25;0;N/A;12;0.20;3;Cardiovascular;STEP;3: You will analyze your data and compute the;following statistics for each group;1) The Mean and standard deviation of the;number of seconds the subject stayed balanced;2) The Median number of days per week exercised;3) The Mode of the favorite exercise;4) The 90% confidence interval of the mean;STEP;4:Construct a complete hypothesis test and;determine if the two groups have significantly different balance using? =;0.05.;STEP;5:Write a one page conclusion on the project if you canOR just write an interpretation of what you did).


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