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Question;Statistics Questions2.) A local community has two newspapers. The Morning Times is read by 45% of the households. The Evening Dispatch is read by 60% of the households. Twenty percent of the households read both newspapers. What is the probability that a particular household in the community reads at least one paper?a. 20%b. 30% c. 40%d. 50%Correct Answer is 85%Questions 3 and 4 employ the following table:3.) A large department store is analyzing the per-customer amount of purchase and the method of payment. For a sample of 140 customers, the following table presents the findings:Amount of Purchase:Payment Method Less than $20 $20 up to $50 $50 or more TotalCash 15 10 5 30Check 10 30 20 60Charge 10 20 20 50;Total 35 60 45 140;What is the probability of selecting someone who paid by cash or made a purchase of less than $20?a. 0.25b. 0.36c. 0.45d. 0.544.)What is the probability of selecting someone who paid by check and made a purchase of more than $50?a. 0.10b. 0.14c. 0.20d. 0.35Questions 5, 6, and 7 pertain to the following data set:5.) A side effect of a certain anesthetic used in surgery is the hiccups, which occurs in about 10 percent of the cases. If three patients are scheduled for surgery today and are to be administered this anesthetic, calculate the probability that all three of the patients get hiccups. a. 0.001b. 0.05c. 0.10d. 0.206.) Calculate the probability that none of the patients get hiccups.a. 0.158b. 0.252c. 0.729d. 0.8557.) Calculate the probability that at least one of the patients get hiccups.a. 0.050b. 0.184c. 0.271d. 0.343Questions 8 and 9 pertain to the following data set:8.) Yesterday, the Benteen Auto Repair Shop received a shipment of four carburetors. One is known to be defective. If two carburetors are selected at random and tested, what is the probability that neither one is defective?a. 0.250b. 0.500c. 0.625d. 0.7509.)What is the probability that the defective carburetor is located after testing two carburetors?a. 0.250b. 0.500c. 0.625d. 0.75010.) Three different Wabash Valley College scholarships are available for needy students. Their values are $1,000, $1,200, and $1,500. Twelve students have applied and not student may receive more than one scholarship. Assuming all twelve students are in need of funds, how many different ways could the scholarships be awarded?a. 925b. 1,250c. 1,320d. 2,17511.)The basketball coach of Dalton University is quite concerned about their forty straight losses. The frustrated coach decided to select the starting lineup for the Dalton University-Baltimore University game by drawing five names from the twelve available players at random. (Assume that a player can play any position.) How many different starting lineups are possible?a. 792b. 955c. 1,250d. 1,425Questions 12, 13, and 14 pertain to the following data set:12.) Labor negotiators at Green City Feed Lot Corporation estimate that thirty percent of all major contract negotiations result in a strike. During the next year, twelve major contracts must be negotiated. What is the probability that no major strikes will occur during the next year?a. 0.005b. 0.014c. 0.335d. 0.31513.) What is the probability that at least five strikes will occur the next year?a. 0.275b. 0.375c. 0.390d. 0.41014.) What is the probability that between two and four strikes will occur during the next year?a. 0.345b. 0.420c. 0.639d. 0.715Questions 15 and 16 pertain to the following data set:15.) The mean amount and services of gasoline services charged by Keyes Refining Corporation credit customers is $70 each month. The distribution of amounts spent is approximately a normal distribution with a standard deviation of $10. Calculate the probability of customers charging between $57 and $83 each month.a..5225b..6595c..8064d..912516.) Calculate the probability that a customer charges between $82 and $92.a..0550b..1012c..1550d..2474


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