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A recent poll asked college students what their favorite courses




Question;For ALL questions, set your significance level at p =.05Round all calculations to the hundredths place (.00).1) A recent poll asked college students what their favorite courses and the primary reasonthey like that course. It was hypothesized that students like different courses for differentreasons, and as such, the responses would differ among each course. Was the hypothesissupported?;Good Instructor;Interesting content;Course is easy;It?s required;Total;Interpersonal;62;54;21;2;139;Media Effects;58;33;10;6;107;Health Comm;41;46;7;5;99;Total;161;133;38;13;3452) A researcher attempts to measure level of fandom among Major League Baseball fans in theNortheast. Specifically, she hypothesizes that the number of sports-related tattoos will differamong fans of MLB teams in the Northeast, with the majority of sports tattoos occurring amongYankees fans. MLB data suggests that, historically, fan tattoos are expected to be about equalacross the league. Is she correct that arrest numbers differ across the New York teams?Boston Red Sox: 33 fan tattoos in 2013.New York Yankees: 46 fan tattoos in 2013.New York Mets: 11 fan tattoos in 2013.Philadelphia Phillies: 13 fan tattoos in 2013.3) We asked some undergrads what they were up to during summer break, predicting that therewould be some gender differences in preferences for summer activities. Was the hypothesissupported? (2 Points);Travel (vacation);Visit friends;Visit family;Play Sports;Summer classes;Work;Total;Male;19;18;32;17;16;37;139;Female;26;17;39;12;10;45;149;Total;45;35;71;29;26;82;288


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