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Question;Stats projectThe;Project;The;infamous company, Canton & Associates, is in trouble again. The;Deputy Director has just resigned in the midst of rumors going around the;departments about discrimination, lawsuits, and even the company picnic has;been canceled.;I;would like to seek your help in putting together an Ad hoc Statistics;Report to be submitted to the CEO so that he can make the appropriate;corrective, proactive, and retroactive decisions for the troubled company. Review the issues following this report;description, and then review the data listed in the table starting on page 11;that is to be applied to issues 1-9. I recommend that you use Excel to construct your;histograms and tables and cut and paste them in your final Microsoft Word;document.;Issue;1;Nine employees need to be chosen randomly to serve on the;Grievance Board from the Employee Roster so that no one will say that we chose;employees based on popularity. You may use any method, including with the;aid of a random number table, to accomplish this task. However, you;have to explain your method, whichever you choose to use.;Please list the employees ID# after selecting them.;Issue;2;Please complete the following two conditional probability;tables. There have been complaints that there is skewness in certain;departments as it relates to ethnicity and gender. It seems that certain;supervisors are hiring only females or only Asians. Please complete this;accurately so that the CEO can see if there are hiring trends in his agency.;Table I;White;Black;Hispanic;Asian;Foreign;Total;Dept. 1;Dept. 2;Dept. 3;Dept. 4;Dept. 5;Total;Table II;Female;Male;Total;Black;White;Hispanic;Asian;Foreign;Total;Issue;3;Please create a histogram for vacation hours for employees;in Department 1, 3, and 5. Please exclude any vacation hours over 320 as;a person cannot accumulate vacation over that amount.;After you have created this histogram, please indicate the;distribution's shape.;Issue;4;Find the Mean weight for Departments 4 and 5 combined.;Find;the Mean salary for Department 2.;Find;Mean age for Department 1.;Find the Mean Placement Score (P. Score) for;Department 3.;Issue;5;Find the standard deviation for the evaluation score (E.;Score) of Department 5 and Department 2 separately.;The CEO is thinking about giving one of these department a;$1000 per person bonus. Based on their means and standard deviation;which department is doing better as it relates to this year's evaluation?;Who should the bonus go to and why?;Issue;6;The Equal Opportunity Commission has cited Jordan;Associates with discrimination against Asian females and Hispanic;females. They need to promote either an Asian female or an Hispanic;female within the next month. Based on their evaluation scores (E.;Score), find the corresponding z -score for each Asian and;Hispanic female and make a decision on which person should be promoted.;Please list them by their ID # based on the percentile.;Use s = 6.06 and m = 16.;Issue;7;Please refer to the conditional probability table or;complete it first before attempting this assignment. The CEO has asked;for a committee to be formed to approve and review promotions. Please;list all your answers in percentages?;From Table 1, what is the probability of choosing an African;American employee?;From Table 2, what is the probability of choosing an Asian;female given all females?;From Table 1, what is the probability of choosing a White;employee from Dept. 2 and then an Hispanic employee from Dept. 3?;From Table 2, what is the probability of choosing a Black;male or Foreign male?;From Table 1, what is the probability of choosing a;Foreigner or an Hispanic both from Department 5?;Issue 8;Find the evaluation score (E. Score) confidence intervals;for the following two departments: Department 1 and Department 4 combined.;Find the confidence interval at the 95% level. Use;s = 6.06 and = 17.625;Issue;9;We are about to order the annual summer picnic T-shirts.;In the past, the mean employee weight is 210 lbs with an s =;67 lbs. Test H a > 210 at 0.05 significance level;by combining the weights of departments 2, 3, and 4. If their mean weight;is greater than 210, we need to order all extra large T-shirts. Please;make a decision.;Use these data to answer;the nine issues cited above.;Use these data to answer the nine issues cited above.;The;Data;ID;#;Dept.;Ethnicity;Gender;Weight;Age;Salary;($);Vacation;Hrs.;Absences;E.;Score;P.;Score;694;3;F;F;252;18;69,380;300;16;24;94;261;3;W;F;178;21;39,986;60;22;22;90;138;2;B;F;132;21;40,000;138;34;15;86;222;2;B;F;162;22;32,000;159;32;17;76;556;5;B;M;219;24;31,000;120;70;19;98;300;1;W;F;192;24;84,000;120;18;18;80;58;3;H;F;110;25;12,775;60;0;14;94;169;1;W;M;138;26;25,594;125;0;21;72;558;5;F;M;220;27;22,000;85;7;16;87;765;4;F;M;271;30;22,697;330;42;17;71;728;3;B;F;270;30;97,424;60;16;22;65;901;2;W;M;310;31;18,000;1292;40;15;71;611;5;W;F;229;31;98,000;85;15;13;84;264;1;H;F;189;31;67,089;125;81;20;70;128;2;B;M;127;31;48,000;444;10;15;91;118;1;W;M;126;31;37,328;85;61;25;84;101;2;A;F;124;32;66,000;336;47;21;96;605;3;H;F;226;34;27,082;60;24;10;76;945;5;W;F;399;35;14,000;120;15;8;75;721;4;H;M;255;35;31,466;64;9;18;80;852;1;F;M;288;37;51,243;85;40;1;72;207;3;A;F;159;37;54,101;300;49;15;79;811;5;W;M;287;38;35,000;325;43;10;86;508;5;F;M;217;38;17,000;300;45;7;77;927;4;W;M;315;41;40,718;212;15;15;97;17;4;F;F;97;41;83,331;534;28;11;88;421;5;H;M;212;42;11,000;60;78;1;92;327;2;W;F;204;43;214,000;317;90;23;74;507;4;W;M;215;44;43,847;58;0;12;80;204;3;H;M;151;46;80,712;150;34;12;80;325;3;B;F;198;47;86,274;150;17;17;82;206;1;W;F;155;47;15,544;85;85;18;94;333;2;H;M;210;48;26,400;384;0;19;79;727;4;W;M;262;51;15,155;156;0;19;81;496;2;B;F;214;51;15,400;155;39;11;77;233;4;A;M;174;53;29,050;151;0;25;76;971;1;F;M;407;56;43,761;120;21;23;85;301;4;W;M;195;59;73,582;564;110;23;97;877;1;A;M;290;66;12,484;85;28;16;87;906;5;B;F;314;73;91,000;325;12;22;73


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