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Statistics questions mcq-The portion of the universe that has been selected for analysis is called:




Question;The portion of the universe that has been selected for;analysis is called;Answer;a sample;a frame;a parameter;a statistic;Question 2;One of the advantages of a pie chart is that it clearly;shows that the total of all the categories of the pie adds to 100%.;Answer;True;False;Question 3;Which of the 4 methods of data collection is involved when a;person counts the number of cars passing designated location on the Los Angeles;freeway system?;Answer;published sources;experimentation;surveying;observation;Question 4;The coefficient of variation is a measure of the central;tendency in the data.;Answer;True;False;Question 5;Which of the following is NOT a measure of central tendency?;Answer;the arithmetic mean;the geometric mean;the mode;the interquartile range;Question 6;A Pareto diagram is a bar chart in which the bars are;naturally arranged with a decreasing pattern;Answer;True;False;-Question 7;If two events are collectively exhaustive, what is the;probabiltiy that one or the other occurs?;Answer;0;.50;1.00;Can not be determined with the information given;Question 8;The cross-tabulation of two categorical variables leads to a;contingency table;Answer;True;False;Question 9;A business venture can result in the following outcomes;(with their corresponding chance of occuring in parenthesis), Highly Successful;(10%), Successful (25%), Break Even (25%), Disappointing (20%), and Highly;Disappointing (?). If these are the only outcomes possible for the business;venture, what is the chance that the business venture will be considered Highly;Disappointing?;Answer;10%;15%;20%;25%;4 points;Question 10;A population consists of all the possible objects to be;studied;Answer;True;False;4 points;Question 11;An economics professor bases his final grade on homework;two midterm examinations, and a final examination. The homework counts 10%;toward the final grade, while each midterm counts 25%. The remaining porttion;consists of the final exam. If a student scored 95% in homework, 70% on the;first midterm, 96% on the second midterm, and 72% on the final exam, his final;average is 79.8%;Answer;True;False;4 points;Question 12;If event A and Event B cannot occur at the same point in;time, then events A and B are said to be;Answer;mutually exclusive;statistically independent;collectively exhaustive;none of the above;4 points;Question 13;Thirty-six of the staff of 80 teachers at a local;intermediate school are certified in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). In;180 days of school, about how many days can we expect that the teacher on bus;duty will likely be certified in CPR;Answer;5 Days;45 Days;65 days;81 Days;4 points;Question 14;If we randomly draw a ball from a bag with a finite number;of balls in it, then put the ball back into the bag and randomly draw another;ball from the bag, this is an example of sampling with replacement;Answer;True;False;4 points;Question 15;The Standard Normal distribution has a mean of 1 and a;standard deviation of 1.;Answer;True;False;4 points;Question 16;Marginal probability is also called;Answer;Simple probability;Conditional probability;Joint probability;Bayes' theorem;4 points;Question 17;If n = 10 and p = 0.70, then the standard deviation of the;binomial distribution is;Answer;0.07;1.45;7.00;14.29;4 points;Question 18;In its standardized form, the normal distribution;Answer;has a mean of 0 and a standard diviation of 1.;has a mean of 1 and a variance of 0.;has an area equal to.05;cannot be used to aprroximate discrete probability;distribution.;4 points;Question 19;The "empirical rule" for the bell-shaped curve;states that the percentage of data points falling within three standard;deviations away from the mean is 99.7%;Answer;True;False;4 points;Question 20;Distribution 1 is a skewed distribution and Distribution 2;is a symmetric distribution (not Normal distribution). Similar sample sizes;will be required for the sample mean of random samples from the two;distributions to have an approximate Normal distribution.;Answer;True;False;4 points;Question 21;The null hypothesis Ho always contains an equal sign;Answer;True;False;4 points;Question 22;If we know that the length of time it takes a college;student to find a parking spot in the library parking lot follows a normal;distribution with a mean of 3.5 minutes and a standard deviation of 1 minute;find the probability that a randomly selected college student will find a;parking spot in the library parking lot in less than 3 minutes.;Answer;0.3551;0.3085;0.2674;0.1915;4 points;Question 23;If we know that the length of time it takes a college;student to find a parking spot in the library parking lot follows a normal;distribution with a mean of 3.5 minutes and a standard deviation of 1 minute;find the point in the distiribution that 75.8% of the college students exceed;when trying to find a parking spot in the library parling lot.;Answer;2.8 minutes;3.2 minutes;3.4 minutes;4.2 minutes;4 points;Question 24;The fact that the sample means are less variable than the;population data can be observed form the standard error of the mean.;Answer;True;False;4 points;Question 25;In left-skewed distribution, the median is;Answer;equal to the mean;greater than the mean;less than the mean;none of the above


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